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Add- Ons



  • Clean and sanitize toilets

  • Clean and polish sinks

  • Clean countertops

  • Clean and shine faucets

  • Clean and shine mirrors

  • Empty waste paper basket

  • Dust baseboards

  • Scrub bathtubs ans shower

  • Spot clean vanity front

  • Arrange towels

  • Cobwebs remove

  • Clean toothbrush holder

  • Clean soup dish

  • Carpets vacuum and mop floors

  • Empty waste paper basket

  • Tidy room appearance

  • Wipe cabinet fronts and handles











  • Countertops cleaning

  • Sinks cleaning

  • Stove cleaning

  • Clean and shine faucets

  • Wipe down tables and chairs

  • Wipe cabinets fronts and handles

  • Microwave inside and outside cleaning

  • Clean the front of all major appliances

  • Empty trash cans

  • Vacuum carpets and mop floor














Living/Dinning Room


  • Cobwebs removed

  • Empty waste paper basket

  • Dust window sills, blinds, baseboards, doors and doorframes

  • Polish & dust furniture

  • Mirrors cleaning

  • Dust picture frames

  • Vacuum above/under couches and chairs cushions

  • Vacuum or mopp stairs and halls

  • Vacuum area rug where possible

  • Vacuum carpets and mop floors












  • Clean ceiling fans

  • Dust air vents

  • Clean light fixtures

  • Remove cobwebs

  • Make beds (with fresh linen if provided)

  • Clean mirrors

  • Dust picture frames

  • Dust and polish furniture

  • Dust window sills, blinds, baseboards, doors and doorframes

  • Vacuum inside closets

  • Vacuum under accesible furniture

  • Vacuum carpets and mop floor

  • Empty waste paper basket













Other Services 

  • Commercial office clening

  • Dust and wipe down all surfaces, baseboards, ceiling fans, light switchs, computers, printers and equipment

  • Clean and sanitize break rooms, sinks and bathrooms

  • Straighten up common , kitchens and lobby areas

  • Vacuum, sweep and mop all floors

  • Empty and remove all office trash






Liz Cleaning Solution  offers a wide variety of services services and more!

Need something not so-standard? Just ask!

We gladly accept special requests,and are happy to assist you with many of your home organization needs.



        Regular Clean √                                            

        Deep Cleaning √  

        Move out - Move in Service √

        One time cleaning √    

        Recurring Services √









Goodbye fingerprints and dust! Our streak free shine will make it seem a bit brighter around the house. We'll even clean the rails between the panes and the windowsills.
  • Oven cleaning  $ 25.00

  • Dirty Dishes      $20.00

  • Inside fridge     $25.00 

  • Interior windows (pricing start at $25,$50,$75  (depend on quantity and size) 

  • Organization (closets, cabinets and pantries) $ 75.00 by hour








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